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Networth Overseas Consultants
 Vishal Manocha
 Shop No 9 First Floor, Nehru Place
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 3 years ago. |  32214

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About Networth Overseas Consultants Karnal

At Networth Overseas, we believe in providing opportunity to students where they can gain from their education overseas.

We help students towards their chosen career paths at the destinations of their choices.

Our intention is to bridge the gap between the student’s desire and their educational accomplishments.

We counsel students for different Universities and Colleges in Canada, USA, U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

We are very passionate about our work and believe in doing our best for our students.

Directors Welcome

Thanks for considering NETWORTH OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS for education/immigration abroad. We are one of the leading consultants in this field.

We aim high and want enthusiastic new students/immigrants like you to be part of our success story, because we believe “YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR REWARD”.

Networth Overseas Consultants established in 2004 is a one stop package of services to make an individual’s transition at the new land completely hassle-free.

We offer a broad portfolio of excellently managed pre-visa to post landing services tailored to the needs of each and every individuals seeking overseas education/Immigration abroad.

Networth Overseas Consultants provide information regarding Higher Education/Immigration in various countries such as UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Cyprus, Denmark, Ireland etc.

We deliver compelling value propositions that demonstrate our understanding to the student’s needs and aspirations to move to the greener pastures abroad.

Managing Director
Vishal Manocha

Our Services

Studying abroad is an exciting and challenging opportunity for any student. Networth Overseas offers a complete range of professional services including:

Career Counseling
We counsel you according to your ambition, academic & work background. We help you to choose a course which will suit your interest and background.

Country & University or college Selection
After selecting the course, next step is choosing the Country and the University/College. We at Networth will help you choosing the most suitable University or college of your course. As, we process applications for all the Universities or colleges, we can find the most suited University or college for your requirements.

Application Process
After selecting the Country next step is to apply to the selected University or college. We assist you in the filling of application forms, preparation of Recommendation Letters, Statement of Purpose etc. Along with the application we also send our covering letter to the University stating the strengths of the student and why he/she should be admitted. The admission officer considers this letter in their decision making. We keep a proper follow up with the Universities and colleges to give you a quick response.

Financial Assistance
We also assist you in obtaining bank loans, scholarships etc.

Visa Assistance
We also provide u full information regarding all updates in visa office, help you to prepare your visa file, guide you about all the documents required for visa application, check that all the papers in your file are arranged and submitted according to the embassy requirements.

Accommodation & Airport Pick Up
We will also help you in arranging for your accommodation and Airport pick up in the foreign country on your request. This service is optional and can be provided only on request of the student.

Other Facilities
We will also help you in arranging foreign currency, insurance, bank account in foreign country, mobile phone service in foreign country etc.

Why Go For A Global Career?

Amazing educational opportunities are opening up globally for students.To top it all, easy availability of loans to study abroad are further making every student’s dream come true.Keeping this current global scenario in mind, it becomes essential to pick your choices carefully – as this could result in a final countdown to your career.

At this point, more often than not, a professional consultant can only help you make a winning and a life changing decision.

  • There are very few good colleges in India and the competition is intense.
  • Better prospects of education in terms of quality, effectiveness and value.
  • Quality education systems & result-oriented programs.
  • Easy availability of career resources and a student friendly faculty.
  • Intellectually and culturally stimulating environment.
  • Availability of easy loans for studying abroad.

Study & Settle In Canada

Get Post Graduation Work Permit
The PGWPP allows Graduated students to gain valuable Canadian work experience. A work permit under the PGWPP is issued for the length of the study program, up to a maximum of three years. A post-graduation work permit cannot be valid for longer than your study program, and the study program must be a minimum of eight months.

Settle In Canada
Foreign student who recently graduated in Canada, have the qualities to make a successful transition from temporary to permanent residence. As they are familiar with Canadian society and can contribute to the Canadian economy. So if you have knowledge of English / French and qualifying work experience, you may qualify to settle in Canada.

Why Study In Canada?

  • Canada’s Educational Reputation is based on quality & is recognized for excellence across the entire education sector. This is why:
  • Elementary and Secondary (K-12) students in Canada are consistently ranked among the world’s top five academic performers in reading, mathematics and science.
  • Canada’s Universities are among the best in the world. In 2012, 4 Canadian Universities ranked in the Top 100 of the ARWU Shanghai Ranking and 22 in the Top 500
  • Canadian Universities have global links to more than 5,000 active International Collaboration agreements with counterparts the world over.
  • Canada’s Colleges and Polytechnics offer industry-aligned, career-focused programs with growing levels of applied research directed at solving industry problems.
    Over 90% of Canada’s College Graduates are employed in their field of study within six months after graduation and 93% of employers are satisfied with graduates.
  • Language Schools in Canada are leaders in language training at all levels, providing a wide variety of programs in English and French for further study, personal development or business preparation.
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