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Find the Best Cooking Classes in Karnal with Professional Chefs and Teachers to learn different types of Veg/Non Veg Food Dishes from different Cuisines. Enrol at affordable rates to learn Knife Skills, Cooking Techniques and Plating Methods that give restaurant type quality to homemade food.

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The House Of Future Chefs Premium Member
 Chef. Amit Kataria
 179 R, 1st Floor, Near Patanjali Mega Store,
 Posted: 1 year ago. |  38227
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The House Of Future Chefs is a place dedicated to creating good food with great people. The whole experience is based on the philosophy that food gives pleasure to both the person making it as well as the one who gets to eat it. Moreover, the skills needed to create good food are a reward in themselves, since by perfecting them we are able to gain a whole new outlet for our emotions. We at THFC help you find this outlet by organising hands on classes where you can learn how to make all types of dishes from various cuisines across the world. These include but are not limited to Indian, It ... »
Swadisht Vyanjan Parshikshan Kendra Advanced Member
 Mrs. Saroj Sharma
 House No. 236-B/R,
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Join our cooking classes and learn how to make healthy, tasty meals for your loved ones. We will teach you how to make Continental & Chinese dishes along with traditional Indian food, but with a healthy twist. अपने परिवार के बेहतर स्वास्थ्य के लिए (0% Oil) खाना बनाना सीखें 24 वर्षो से सरोज शर्मा का जादू अब आपके हाथों में अब आया नए पकवानो का जमाना Specialties: All Types of Indi ... »
Cook Well Cooking Classes Advanced Member
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Cooking Classes only For LADIES & GIRLS. ... »

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