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Jeet Ram Sweets Advanced Member
 Mohan Lal
 Sector 5/6 Dividing Road,
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Jeet Ram Sweets & Namkeen¬†is making sweets and Namkeen snacks in Karnal and is famous for its taste and hygiene. At Jeet Ram Sweets & Namkeen we do not compromise on ingredients and procedures, as we believe that only the finest of ingredients and time tested procedures give a product of the quality we deliver. Jeet Ram Sweets & Namkeen is a reputed name in premium quality¬† Sweets and Snacks. Our goal is to provide the community with authentic sweets and snacks and hence our motto "Experience the Tradition". The shop is located on Meerut Road on the road which divides secto ... »
 Mr. Batra
 100 No. Chowk,,
 Praveen Kumar
 Near Saini Dhaba,
 Sumer Singh
 S.C.F. 1, Central Market, Saini Palace,
 Shashi Bhushan Gupta
 1, Karan Market,
 Amit Bhatia
 9, Purshotam Market,
 Karanveer Arya, Vijay Arya, Vivek Arya, Vinay Arya
 Dyalpura Gate,
 Ved Parakash, Shiv Kumar, Deepak
 Dayalpura Gate,
 Roop Arora
 Meera Ghati Chowk,

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