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Dr Kansal’s Dentistree

Dr Kansal’s Dentistree
 Dr. Ankur Kansal, Dr. (Mrs) Mukti Kansal
 House No. 537-P
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 4 years ago.  40780

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About Dr Kansal’s Dentistree Karnal

Dr. Ankur Kansal (Orthodontics)

B.D.S, M.D.S, M.I.D.A, M.I.O.S (Consultant – Max Hospital) Regd. No. 2025 A

Dr. (Mrs) Mukti Kansal (Prosthodontics)

B.D.S, M.D.S, M.I.D.A, M.I.P.S, Gold Medalist ( Denture & Implant Specialist) Regd. No. HN-5898 A

Dr. Kansal Dentistree is a Multi Specialty Dental Healthcare Center in Karnal. We Believe in giving specialty dental care and our clinic is equipped with all latest technologies and follows strict sterilization protocols.

Facilities Available :

  • Orthodontic Treatment – टेड़े-मेढे दांतों का ईलाज
  • Crowns & Bridge – फिक्स दांत लगाना
  • Complete Denture/ Partial Denture – उतारने चडाने वाले जबाड़े
  • Implants – हड्डी में फिक्स दांत लगाना
  • R.C.T. (Root Canal Treatment) – दांतों की नसों का ईलाज
  • Painless Extraction of Tooth – बिना दर्द के दांत निकालना
  • Surgical Removal of Wisdom Tooth – अक्कल जाड़ निकालना
  • Scaling & Polishing (Cleaning) – दांतों की सफाई
  • Treatment of Pyorrhoea – पाईरिया व मसूड़ो की बीमारी का ईलाज
  • Restoration of Teeth – दांतों की भराई
  • Treatment of Jaw Fractures – मुख की हड्डी व टूटे जबड़े का ईलाज
  • Cosmetic Treatment of Teeth Like Bleaching, Laminates & Veneers – दांतों को सफ़ेद करना
  • Cosmetic Surgery of Face, Lip & Scalp – मुख व होंठो का ऑपरेशन

Timings :

Morning 10 AM To 02 PM

Evening 04 PM To 08 PM

Sunday by Appointment

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