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Food Garage

Food Garage
 Gagandeep Singh
 722, Near M.V.R. Playway School
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 7 months ago. |  17405

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About Food Garage Karnal

If you want to taste delicacies from Indian cuisine in its most authentic form, Food Garage at Prem Nagar, Karnal is the place for you. Offering an array of options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, the restaurant specializes in North Indian and South Indian food. The dining experience is a lot more than just tasting good food. .

Food Garage, Karnal is lavish and luxurious, matching The City Standard, curates a royal ambiance and is popular for its world class services.

A common ingredient in the Indian food is a wide range of spices. The secret of Food Garage is in proper use of selected spices to bring out the rich flavor and aroma and character in food.
Food Garage enjoys a great reputation among all ethnic foods in the city. It has an uncanny charm, and those who try it, find it rich in taste and flavor. common ingredient in the food is a wide range of spices.

Pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a creamy sauce with fresh tomato exotic spices Boneless chicken sautéd with your choice of garden fresh mushrooms.

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Food Garage Online Menu

Item Price


Manchow Soup 50
Hot-n-Sour 50
Sweet Corn 50
Lemon Coriander 50
Mushroom Soup 60
Veg. Clear Soup 70
Chicken Monchow 70
Chicken Hot N Sour 70
Chicken Lemon Coriander 70
Chicken Clear Soup 70
Chicken Sweet Corn 70


Paneer Tikka 140
Malai Paneer Tikka 160
Masala Chap 120
Malai Chap 140
Mushroom Tikka 150
Chatpati Tangri(Per Pc) 60
Afgani Tangri(Per Pc) 70
Jumbo Leg 130
Chicken Tikka(8Pcs) 200
Afgani Tikka(8Pcs) 220

(Sandwich & Burgers)

Coleslaw Sandwich 60
Grilled Sandwich 120
Veg. Burger 60
Veg. Spicy Burger 70
Veg. Cheese Burger 80
Chicken Burger 80
Chicken Sandwich 130


White Sauce Pasta 120
Red Sauce Pasta 120
Mix Sauce Pasta 130
Tandoori Sauce Pasta 140
Chicken pasta 180


Cheese Garlic Bread 90
Onion Capsicum 140
Onion Tomato 140
Mix Veggi Pizza 160
Mushroom Pizza 160
Chicken Pizza 200

(Garage Special)

Chinese Bhel 70
Indian Bhel 70
Crispy Corn 110
Crispy Vegetables 110
Veg. Kothe 110
Ak 47 120
Orange Cheese Chilly 180
Crispy Mushroom 180
Cilantro Mushroom 180
Paneer Cameling 180
Philliming Paneer 180
Popeye Paneer 180


French Fries 80
Spring Roll 90
Chilli Chana 100
Chilli Potato 100
Honey Chilli Potato 120
Lemon Chilli Potato 120
Manchurian(Dry/Gravy) 120
American Chopsuey 140
Cheese Chilly(Dry/Gravy) 170
Mushroom Chilly(Dry/Gravy) 170
Paneer 65 180
Mushroom 65 180
Crispy Chicken 200
Chicken Kothe 220
Chilly Chicken 240
Chicken Manchurian 240
Chicken 65 260
Crispy Cilantro Chicken 260
Philliming Chicken 260

(Rice N Noodles)

Veg Fried Rice 90
Schezwan Fried Rice 100
Mushroom Fried Rice 120
Cheese Fried Rice 120
Veg Noodles 90
Chilli Garlic Noodles 100
Lemon Chilli Noodles 100
Hakka Noodle 120
Singapuri Noodles 120
Mushroom Noodles 120
Egg Fried Rice 120
Egg Noodles 120
Chicken Fried Rice 150
Chicken Noodles 150

(Main Course)

Choice of Pulses - Dal Makhani, Dal Tadka, Special Dal Dhaba, Rajma, Chana Masala 120
Choice of Aloo - Jeera Aloo, Aloo Methi, Aloo Gobhi 110
Choice of Paneer - Kadai Paneer, Shahi Paneer, Paneer Butter Masala, Paneer Do Pyaja, Paneer Lababdar 170
Choice of Mushroom - Mushroom Masala, Matar Mushroom, Mushroom Do Pyaja 170
Choice of Palak Palak Paneer, Palak Corn, Palak Kofta 160
Choice of Chaap Kali Mirch, Lemon, Rogan Josh, Tawa 175
Paneer Bhurji 190
Mix Veg 130
Malai Kofta 180
Kaju Curry 190
Butter Chicken 220/400
Lemon Chicken 220/400
Chicken Kali Mirch 220/400
Gharelu Chicken 220/400
Cream Chicken 240/430
Kadahai Chicken 240/430
Chicken Rara 240/430
Chicken Hyderabadi 260/450


Roti 10
Butter Roti 12
Adraki Mirch Roti 15
Cream Roti 20
Pyaaj Wali Roti 20
Lachha Parantha 30
Achari Parantha 30
Stuffed Parantha 40
Plain Naan 20
Butter Naan 30
Garlic Naan 40


Plain Rice 70
Jeera Rice 90
Peas Pulao 100
Veg Pulao 110
Veg Buryani(with raita) 140


Plain Curd 50
Boondi Raita 70
Mix Raita 90
Mint Garlic Raita 90
Pineapple Raita 120

(Salad & Papad)

Roasted Papad(2pcs) 30
Masala Papad(2pcs) 50
Green Salad 50
Chicken Salad 160
Egg Salad 100


Dal+Paneer+Rice+Raita+Salad+2Butter Roti+Pickle+Gulab Jamun 130

(Combo Meals)

Rajma Rice/Chhole Rice/Dal RiceDal+Stuff ParanthaFried Rice/Noodles+ManchurianVeg Burger+French Fries+Cold Drink 100

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