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Gurpreet Singh And Associates

Gurpreet Singh And Associates
 Gurpreet Singh
 SCO-07, Plot No-29, Monga Market, Opp. Lane HDFC Bank, Main Market
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 1 year ago.  23541

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About Gurpreet Singh And Associates

Gurpreet Singh and Associates are one of the premier architecture firms in the city. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals in the field of architecture and design who know how to match the design to the aesthetic of any place.

This aesthetic is selected on the basis of the character of the location as well as the intended effect. Since the first impression is the last impression, we ensure to make sure that your impression is exactly what you want it to be.

This may sound simple, but it requires a degree of finesse that isn’t that easy to accomplish. It is accomplished through years of mixing and matching the design itself with the various types of colors, materials, furniture items available and even vastu considerations related to the property.

Once the aesthetic is finalized, we then move forward to the tedious phase of making sure that the design we create is compatible with everything else, including but not limited to the electrical setup, plumbing, lighting, ventilation, ergonomics and much more.

As you can see, this is a long process that requires hands-on monitoring and tweaking. We guarantee to accompany you on this path, whether in the office or on-site, in order to verify at every step that you get what you paid for.

So, do visit with us in order to discuss what you want from your home/office and we will make all your dreams come true.

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