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Guru Kirpa Tiffin Centre

Guru Kirpa Tiffin Centre
 Mr. Ravinder Jeet Singh
 A-472, Sadar Bazar,
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 6 months ago. |  11475

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About Guru Kirpa Tiffin Centre Karnal

Guru Kirpa Tiffin Centre is established in the year 2010 serving the nearby vicinity’s individuals corporate and offices homemade food.

Now we are taking it one step ahead with the same homemade food just with professional approach reaching it all over Karnal. We provide homemade food with grade lunch boxes which is convenient for the corporate in today’s busy life. We love to cook food in a traditional manner. Home cook tasty and healthy food is our prime moto.

Why us ?

Whether you are in a different city, away from home or are just to caught up in your professional life to find the time to step into the kitchen, healthy food is a dream you will always want to get your hands on. When was the last time you’ve truly looked forward to what’s cooking for lunch? Well, its time you do! We serve you complete nutritious meals just when you are beginning to feel hungry.

It is the word of the masses that endorses this food! Food is what makes us tick! No we are not professionally qualified in it but we love it even dream about it in our sleep. Customer service – We strive to provide the best customer experience available in town! Do not believe it? Experience it for Real!

We are Available on WhatsApp / Phone / Sms to help you find your tiffin as soon as we can.
Reasonably Priced & Great Food!! So Pick.Order & Eat

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