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Guru Nanak Enterprises

Guru Nanak Enterprises
 Pankaj, Sunil, Surinder
  Near Maharana Partap Chowk
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 9 months ago.  10968

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About Guru Nanak Enterprises

In cities where power cuts are a common issue, having an inverter becomes mandatory. Inverters not only help in stabilizing your electronic gadgets during power failures but also provide you temporary relief especially on the hot weather days when having a fan working continuously becomes very important. Luminous is one of the most reputed brands when it comes to inverters and ups batteries which provide safe and reliable functioning of your inverters. With Luminous inverter batteries for home, you can have your basic electronic appliances functioning well which include fans, lights, television and so on. Here is the 118 Luminous inverter batteries which help you buy the best product meets your needs and budget. Luminous inverter with batteries are not only a great utility product but are also an integral part of your homes ensuring the safety of your electronic appliances during the no-power days. The users can get more life expectancy, fast charging capacity and lastly the Luminous tubular inverter with battery price is also affordable as well. The Luminous Eco Volt inverter single battery model has a water level indicator that helps you track the water level without any bother. On top of everything, this model operates completely noise-free and helps save on your power bills. A luminous tez inverter battery that comes with tubular technology offers great protection against leakage and is low in maintenance.

SOLAR : We understand that you may not be looking for mere solar products but a complete solar package. Solar solution for a small two bedroom home will be quite different from that of a big office building. Our solar experts have crafted solar packages based on your unique needs.


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