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Jai Optical Co.

Jai Optical Co.
 Mr. Vikas Gupta
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 1 year ago.  15696

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About Jai Optical Co.

Jai Optical is established in 1967 in the heart of the city Karnal. Jai Optical is a professionally qualified Optometrist has work experience of many years as Consultant Optometrist. Its his and his staff’s pleasure to bring their expertise and experience to their own eye care facility at Optical Gallery in Karnal. Their facility is equipped with latest technology and state-of-the-art eye care equipment.

Because your eyes alone are not suffice to give you a clear vision, the powered spectacles come to your aid. You look for your glasses the moment you open your eyes and wear it throughout the day before you move to bed in the night. Although your eyeglasses is a necessity to you, you still like it to be trendy. While it is highly recommended to buy your spectacles from the store after an eye test, people prefer to buy eyeglasses online through the digital stores. The online stores provide a wide array of the style, design, colour, and pattern for your eyewear. You can buy men’s eyeglasses online on Jai Opticals depending upon your personality and pocket. We provide a whole lot of variety from geek to funky opticals.  You can also buy women’s eyeglasses online to give you either a cute chic look or the nerdy, studious look through our portal. Our collection is branded, unisex, trendy for those who love to follow the latest trend and old-school for the ones who have a favourite design and would wear it forever! Buy eyeglasses online to compare the price and quality of your spectacle with your local eyewear store.


We strongly suggest that Prescription based Products should be purchased by visiting the concerned clinic / shop in person so that necessary measurements / testing / dispensing procedures are fully done and results for your Sight / Hearing are uncompromised.

But still if you feel that you have all necessary measurements & testing reports and it is not possible to visit Clinic / Shop in person in your circumstances, you can proceed to buy.

Feel free to contact us at : 9991967077

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