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 S.C.O. 15, 3rd Floor
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
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About KarnalNet Karnal

Karnalnet services provide consumers with a high-quality internet access experience that fits both their needs and their budgets. We have a unique business model featuring proprietary technologies that enable it to provide members and corporate partners with a service that is designed to meet their individual needs.We provide to our customers with a choice of high-speed options rather than a single solution, we believe our customers will receive the greatest value for their individual needs and it’s all under one roof ! We combines various internet resources, services and information content and offers easy, simple and user-friendly access.

Karnalnet Services :-
• High speed wired & wireless internet for home and office.
• Live ip and internet leased lines.
• Private leased circuits for your company branches.
• Tower base station setup.
• Wifi and wimax campus setup
• Datacenter for cloud computing.
• Point to point wireless link
• All types of networking.

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