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Light Arcade

Light Arcade
 Mukul Jindal
 Shop No. 7-8, Timber Market, Near Kali Mata Mandir
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 5 years ago. |  71503

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About Light Arcade Karnal

Picking a light fixture might seem like a pretty easy task, today’s options make this once-easy decision more complicated. Your lighting choices determine the type of mood a room has or how objects appear within them.

One of the key aspects of lighting is placement. Some light fixtures cover very little ground and provide more of an ambient glow, while others shine from one corner of the room to another.

You have to think about which areas of the room need to be lit and which can sit in shadow. Choosing the wrong lighting can lead to a poorly lit room or a washed-out bright one.

This is where we can help. We have a wide variety of lights, ranging from traditional designs all the way to a more post modern look. We will help you find which design will have the most immediate and lasting impact on your space.

So don’t delay. Come and browse through our selection of beautiful lighting and light fixtures today. We are sure you won’t leave empty handed.

Our Products

Home Lighting
Illuminate the home of your dreams with our wide range of home lighting solutions. We are sure you will find the perfect fit for your perfect home.

Office Lighting
Unlock the creative potential of your employees with our range of creative office lighting solutions. Our bright lights will help bring out your brightest ideas.

Outdoor Lighting
Your home is a beacon of your prosperity. Our range of tough outdoor lights will make it so, that your home can be seen standing tall, bright & proud from far.

Designer Lighting
Indulge your creative side while browsing through our eclectic collection of designer lights. We will help drape your house with a flavor of personality.

LED Lighting
The entire country is moving rapidly towards LED lighting solutions. We are evolving around this march towards a more Eco-friendly & pocket friendly future.

Decorative Lighting
Be it Holi, Diwali, New Year’s or your Wedding Day, every special occasion needs a special lighting setup. We are happy to help you get that special setup.

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