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Kay Star International

Kay Star International
 Anuj Jain
  Plot No. 303, HSIIDC
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 1 year ago.  20657

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About Kay Star International

Manufacturer & Supplier of Agriculture Implements & Spare Parts

Specialists In: Rotary Tiller Blades, Paddy Twisted Blades, L size Blades, Zyrovator Blades.

Features :

  1.  Manufactured From High-Quality Boron Steel.
  2.  The strict Heat-Treatment process by Automatic temperature controlled furnace.
  3.  Shot blasted & coated for the best finish.
  4.  Proper Hardness testing for the best results.

Advantages :

  1. World-class Quality.
  2.  Highly Economical Prices.
  3.  Highly Trusted Brand.
  4.  100% Trouble-Free Performance.
  5.  Strong Sales @ Dealer Network.

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