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Neeraj Chanchal Jagran Party

Neeraj Chanchal Jagran Party
 Neeraj chanchal
 House No.514
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 7 months ago. |  16081

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About Neeraj Chanchal Jagran Party Karnal

With the blessings of Mata Rani Neeraj Chanchal Jagran Party with their Team originated in the Year of 1995, With the aim to promote Devotional Music Globally.

Neeraj Chanchal started singing bhajan in the early of his age inspired by ‘The Bhajan Samrat Narender Chanchal’ 

In the year 1995, By Mata Rani grace Neeraj Chanchal launched their Party and started conducting Mata Rani Jagrata, Chowki & Bhajan Sandhya Programmes and since that day Neeraj Chanchal Jagran Party have conducted more then thousands Bhagwati Jagran, & Mata ki Chowki Programmes Nationwide.

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Neeraj Chanchal Jagran Party conducts devotional programmes globally.

Bhagwati Jagran | Mata Ki Chowki | Bhajan Sandhya

With their team of Devotional Musicians, Vocalists, Chorus Artists, Jhanki Artists, with best in class Darbar & Sound Setup, Neeraj Chanchal conducts Bhagwati Jagran, Mata ki Chowki & Bhajan Sandhya Programmes Globally,

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