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Ramesh Industrial Corporation – Nagpal Detergent

Ramesh Industrial Corporation – Nagpal Detergent
 Sameer Nagpal, Sourabh Nagpal
 Plot no. 06, Industrial Development Corporation (I.D.C.), Near I.T.I., Kunjpura Road,
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 4 years ago.  13773

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About Ramesh Industrial Corporation – Nagpal Detergent Karnal

Ramesh Industrial Corporation deals in :

Oil Soap, Detergent Powder, Detergent Cake, Dishwash Bar, Dishwash Gel, Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner ETC.

The Ramesh Industrial Corporation in the INDIA has maintained its leading position in the global market in terms of soap manufacturing. In the coming years, the Ramesh Industrial Corporation in the INDIA is expected to continue its stable growth, mainly driven by the growing demand from cleansing, personal care, while business opportunities in theĀ INDIA soap market are also expected to flourish further.
In recent years, the organic soap market has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments in the global soap market.
Soap has long been one of the most common products in the global Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. Today, soap is still one of the most used cleansing items in every household around the world, leading to a huge demand increase in the global household market. Over the recent years, new soap market trends, such as the increase in the usage of liquid soap as well as the growing popularity of organic soap or handmade soap market. These new trends have once again created many new opportunities in this market. Major soap manufacturers around the world are also investing heavily in developing a new range of application concepts and soap products in bath and personal care sectors.

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