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Shree Balaji Trading Company

Shree Balaji Trading Company
 Deepak Vohra
  Shop No-290-R
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 2 years ago.  24440

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About Shree Balaji Trading Company

Shree Balaji Trading Company is a hardware shop that has years of experience in catering to all your needs when it comes to creating the home of your dreams. We carry a wide range of products that include small fittings and fixtures as well as high end specialized appliances.

To make sure our clients get only the best, we have teamed up with various brands, including but not limited to Kafi Appliances, Bonus, Linea Cali Italian, Varsha Enterprises, Marella Italy, Salice Paolo Italian, Bosetti-Marella Italy and many more.

On the smaller scale, we focus on door fittings such as handles & locks. You will get a wide variety of choices in these, as there are different designs, colors and looks available for different areas of your home/office space.

A further extension of these smaller fittings comes in the form of our wardrobe fittings. Not only do you get all the door and lock options mentioned above, but you can also find lots of choices in hangers and channels as well, that can help you create custom wardrobes based on your specific needs.

This theme of custom creations is one of the main features in our lineup, as we also carry a whole range of small and large drawers, tall units, corner drawers and other space saving products.

These products themselves can be further modified using various hinges, channels and custom inserts for various appliances, thus expanding on the almost endless choices in terms of look and design.

Finally, you also get to pick raw material itself, as the items mentioned above are available in stainless steel, white metal and brass among others.

As you can guess by now, we spare no expense in making sure our clients don’t have to go anywhere else for their needs, once they enter our establishment. So if you are in the market for kitchen and bathroom accessories, please do visit us and we’ll do our best in giving you exactly what you want.

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