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Sky Education Society

Sky Education Society
 Mohan Munjal, Nitin Goel, Surender Pal Singh
  S.C.O 149, IInd Floor
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 4 years ago.  45257

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About Sky Education Society

Sky education society is an (NGO) in karnal (india). The primary concern for establishing this society was to create awareness among the mass people particularly people belonging to minority communities for promoting of quality education among the mass people.

Aim & Objective

  • To work for spreading the light of proper and quality education among the mass people particularly among the people belonging to educationally backward classes/communities.
  • To work for the promotion of female education.
  • To work for cultural development and to preserve cultural heritage.
  • To make a common platform for high educated people to facilitate exchange of views and thoughts through mutual cooperation.
  • To bridge the gap between the elite and the common people and to develop the sense of oneness.
  • To encourage cultivation of literature and to provide facilities for its promotion
  • To guide unemployed youths to get employment.
  • To establish research centre(s) for the promotion of Humanities, Science and General education.
  • To work for promotion of communal harmony and national integration.
  • To encourage students and youths for achieving excellence in their respective discipline.

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