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Supreet Kaur English Language Academy

Supreet Kaur English Language Academy
 Supreet Kaur
 311-L, 1st Floor
  - Karnal, 132001 (Haryana)
 Posted: 4 years ago.  45835

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About Supreet Kaur English Language Academy

It is an English language coaching center where students from class 3 to 12 are taught to speak, read and write fluently pouring emphasis on vocabulary.

We follow modernized equipment and methods for clarifying the concepts The most important factor over here is the notes and assignments regularly provided which are the boosters for students to enhance their grammatical, reading, writing skills.

Ours is a quality oriented center where we do not exceed more than 10 students in a batch.

We follow special pattern n methods for class 9 to 12 and feel proud for our unsurpassed results from last 5 years making children score above 90 marks as our committed target.

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