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About Magic Years Playway

Magic Years Playway is a home away from home for the kids of Karnal. They redefine the concept of a playschool by turning it into an adventure and have been doing so successfully for the past 25 Years.

This sense of adventure can be seen in the construction of the school itself, as they scatter the open areas with lots of toys and exercise equipment such as:

  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Jungle Gym
  • Bicycles
  • Basketball
  • Football

This is done to encourage the children to be naturally active and playful, while also at the same time giving them an inclination towards sports.

The whole approach is kept open and loud so that children don’t feel shy in a new environment and soon get used to the hustle and bustle of everyday school life.

The open area is also covered with a canopy of trees to create a healthy and shaded place where kids can be free without worrying about the heat or pollution that sucks the energy out of people.

This natural atmosphere is further enhanced by the addition of dozens of flowers that litter everywhere you go. All to make sure that your children enjoy beautiful sights and wonderful smells that relax and amuse them all throughout the day.

The children appreciate this special effort done for them as they absolutely enjoy playing in the open and have a hard time going back inside.

But when they do go inside, they do so to have further adventures in the land of fairy tales and parables selected specifically for their positive messages and moral teachings.

Our dedicated caretakers help make these stories fun by enacting them with all the funny voices and expressions that children thoroughly enjoy.

This makes the children get comfortable with the concept of reading at a very early age, which is often instrumental towards developing a healthy relationship with academics.

As you can see, all of our focus remains on nurturing the creativity of our wards while preparing them for the world out there. We can do the same your kids too. Do visit us and let us show you exactly how we will make that happen.

Now, before we let you go, here is a message from our founder and director on the happy occasion, i.e our completion of 25 Years in the service of the country’s future.

Directors Message

Magic Years Playway has completed its Quarter century. Congratulations Karnal, and thank you for helping us achieve the top position in the very first session. Heartiest Congratulations and much thanks for helping us maintain this position throughout.

The company and responsibility of our wards have been a great pleasure and a huge source of satisfaction for everyone that works here. You all have been a great support with all the co-operation extended by you to us in all the good and bad times.

Your satisfied smiles are so gratifying, they make our day. Our students’ confidence, as they step out of our doors is highly fulfilling. Their successes in future schools, colleges, universities and eventually their professions is a heady feeling indeed, especially when they still recognize you when they’ve grown up.

Our methods of innovation and improvisation have shown results in sports and co-curricular activities, as well. Our finesse, vigor, gravitas and panache show in the behavior of our children and their decorum.

Their expressions and pronunciation in spoken English are also worthy of a mention here. It is everything we work towards, and each day is as rewarding as the previous one.

All we can say is we hope to be in a position to provide the same service to future generations of all our students as well, for years to come. So make sure you continue to support us and we will continue to be the home away from home for you and your family.

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