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Dr. Shefa Bhatia has completed my B.H.M.S. degree from HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE, CHANDIGARH in 2003. I have 15 years experience in this field .

I, Dr. Shefa Bhatia, has completed my B.H.M.S degree from HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE ,CHANDIGARH IN 2003. I have 15 years experience in this field .

As a Homeopath , its my firm belief that homeopathy is the safest way to cure most of the diseases (both acute and chronic) many diseases of which the only treatment is surgery in allopathy can be cured without operation only through homeopathic obviously without giving any pain to the patient For example kidney stone, slip disk , piles, fistula varicose veins, benign tumor of breast and uterus, gallstone etc.

Other ailments like sleep disorders (Insomnia), Hypersomnia, dreams (Fearful or Unpleasant), Migraine, Headache, Cervical Spondylosis Agalactia (Scanty milk in breasts during lactation), Gastritis, Gastroenteritis, Chronic Constipation, Acute and Chronic Renal. Failure, Urinary tract infection. (Acute and Chronic),

S.T.Ds., Sciatica, Bone TB, Pulmonary TB, asthma, (Bronchial and Cardiac). Pleural effusion marasmus emaciation, Joint pain (Gout, Arthritis) and much more.

Cosmetic Problems

Skin problems can also be cured by Homeopathy like Acne Blemishes on faceĀ  (After Pregnancy), Leucoderma (Vitiligo), Eczema warts loss or dimness of vision (in children or growing age).
Please feel free to discuss your physical & mind related problem with me.

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