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It’s an odd Question perhaps, but then we’re a slightly odd breed aren’t we?

Quite happy to walk our own path, even when that happens to be in the opposite direction to everyone else.

Not that we crave to be different, not at all.

It’s just that when you’re sure of who you are and what you want it’s hard to get worked up about what other people think.

So we go our own way, with the quite confidence that comes with long experience.

Trends come and go and that’s cool, but it’s not for us.

We prefer evolution to revolution.

We welcome change, but on our own terms.


That’s the mark of a Vespa rider, and it’s plain to see.


For us at Aprilla, racing is in our DNA. With 54 world titles and 294 grand prix in Moto GP, Motocross, Superbike, Supermotard, Rally and Trial races across the world. We take pride in being the most victorious brand on the track.

Over the years, we’ve distinguished ourselves in the motorcycling world by introducing path-breaking technological innovations.

The designers and engineers at Aprilla have always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and set new benchmarks.

Aprilla’s dramatic design and responsive performance is distinctively recognizable across over range. powerful yet stylish, confident yet instinctive, Aprilla truly embodies the spirit of racing.


Racing is not just about one thing, but it is about many. It is not just about winning-even the best lose, but they don’t give up. It is not just about adrenaline-this rush is just a moment within a sea of hard work and preparation. Being a racer is about accepting challenges-about undertaking tasks that test our own limits.

This is the  attitude that we call #BEARACER

#BEARACER is part of everyone who rides an Aprilla. And it is not just about riding on a track. It is about having competition and adrenaline in your DNA.


Designed for riders looking for the attitude of a sports bike and the convenience of an automatic, Aprilla SR 150 is designed to offer best of both worlds. Its Italian design and technology brings the spirit of the great Aprilla Supermotard to the SR family of urban vehicles.

The Pronounced ‘beak’ on the front wheel and the aggressive handlebar design give it a distinct look that can only be Aprilla. From the moment you turn on the ignition, its acceleration, pick-up, agility and breaking separate the Aprilla SR 150 from any other vehicle in its class.


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