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Car Gallery is a car accessory shop that sells various types of branded and off-brand car accessories including but not limited to car alloys, lights, seat covers, electrical components and more. You also get high quality car care products that help you keep your car in perfect shape every day of the year.

Car Gallery is one of the better known car accessory shops in the city. Our aim has always been to provide our clients with quality products that can help them modify and accessorise their vehicles in a tasteful manner. We offer curated collections of accessories that are divided by car models as well as purpose of the accessory.

Some of the common types of accessories we offer are as follows:

Alloy Wheels: Alloys are one of the first things that most car owners change in their vehicle, as well as the one accessory that has the most immediate impact on how the car looks. A good set of alloys can change the entire feel of the vehicle, which is why it is always important to select the best ones on the first try as you can’t exactly change them on a whim. This is why we keep only branded alloys with special focus on style and quality.

LED Lights: Lighting accessories serve a dual purpose in any car, as they not only change the look of the car but it’s functionality as well. Some of the newer variants of aftermarket LED lights are even strong enough to offer more than twice the visibility when compared to stock setups. However, they also are a problematic modification to undertake since the wiring behind these lights are so deeply integrated into the electrical system, that one wrong move can cause the loss of warranty. This is why our technicians are specially trained in the use of relays and other tools that can bypass the original wiring without doing any damage, so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than the look you want.

Music Systems: Music systems are the focal point of all entertainment when it comes to cars. The great thing about them is that there is no one type of system, and you can always build something bigger and better just by mixing and matching various speakers, woofers, tweakers and other components. You can even augment them by integrating mood lighting and heads up displays. We offer you all of this variety and more, so that you can enjoy yourself to your heart’s content, as long as you are willing to spend money on quality and branded items we carry in our collection.

Miscellaneous Accessories: In addition to specific system wise modifications, there are also thousands of other accessories that while not under any specific title, still offer some much needed changes in the car. It can be as simple as adding an armrest to cars that don’t have them, or as encompassing as a full car wrap including matching seat cover and dashboard accents. While not entirely necessary to the functioning of the car, they still give you simple conveniences that make owning a car that much more hassle free.

Since we can’t explain every single item and it’s usage here, we ask you to visit our shop and enjoy the joy of discovery for yourself. You will be able to see all the types of products we offer, and get the best deals for yourself.

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