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WANADO mean WE WANT TO DO EVERYTHING FOR YOUR TECHNOLOGY NEED, like knowledge , service ,.if we provide good service to our customer we ensure enough knowledge about the technology .so the team Wanado equipped with enough ability and knowledge in specific technical field to provide good service to our customer.

We are  attached in IT industry for last 12 years to provide dedicated service in three major sectors to consumer

Refurbished Laptop

What is mean “refurbished”

Refurbished products are visually and diagnostically inspected to ensure that these all items are function able. Refurbished systems may have some observable cosmetic imperfections, but they will not affect its performance.

Our products are visually and diagnostically inspected to ensure the highest quality standards and reliability. Our refurbished products may have some observable cosmetic imperfections, but they will not affect the performance

What we do before refurbishing

We collects laptops, desktops, servers etc on life cycle courses for future reuse or recycle. These assets are then revitalized leveraging, inventory components and appropriate value of reengineering methodologies to ensure and create looks & feel ‘JUST LIKE NEW’ experience for our customer’s for functional and financial utility more over operational liberty – if buying such products like refurbished laptops refurbished desktops servers etc from us or our registered reseller

What are Refurbished laptop, desktop, servers?

Each one refurbished laptop/refurbished desktop/refurbished servers is less manufactured efforts. Reducing landfill and energy, to save our “Earth & Environment for our next generation. We provide our customers with branded refurbished computers and refurbished laptop, refurbished servers that are available in unbeatable prices, quality, and quantity with warranty

It is 25 times environmentally beneficial to reuse computers than to recycle them at the age of 3-5 years.

A new PC manufacturing requires three times the energy a PC consumes in its lifespan.

Affordability & Accessibility.

Increase public & Institutional Awareness on how to Donate or supply Equipment for use.

Buy Back

Corporate Buy Back Program:

Our corporate buyback program will help business to clean up the refresh cycle.


One of our certified technicians will evaluate your assets at your location to look over your reusable items. And help you to get the best offer.


We will provide a quote for the entire lot. Items which are not in working condition will be sent to recycle at no cost.


Once the deal is closed we will fully format each compute hard drive to ensure the information is permanently deleted. We will certify the data has been completely deleted to ensure your company’s


Our Mission

Making digital India, use computers & laptops, servers to connect with rest of world in an ecofriendly manner by building a sustainable consumer and business enterprise.

Laptop repair & service

Our company have ultra modern service station with ultra modern instrument to provide repair & service of laptop like apple Mac , dell , Lenovo , hp ,Toshiba, Sony etc.

our company also sell laptop accessories ,like key board , lcd , led, adopter ,panel , battery etc.

Why choose wanado for laptop service & repair

With the bless of modern advance technology, TECHNOLGY has transformed into the prime mode of storing information and is a valuable asset. When the same becomes in-accessible, we are here to provide a trustworthy, easy and efficient service to REPAIR your LAPTOP successfully.

Normally when laptop get faulty or need proper service, the attempts to recover the same aggravate the situation resulting in laptop mostly un repairable . The chances of repair is almost 100%, if the it comes to us 1st hand without any attempts for repair or service .

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