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Calligraphy is nothing more than a fancy word for writing in style, but still, it has found practitioners all over the world. The popularity of the art is such that not only distance but time too hasn’t been able to reduce the passion a select few have for the art of fine writing.

It is this passion that has made sure that the practice has resurfaced again and again throughout history in various parts of the world. The people in these areas have each given their own unique twist to the art, creating unique styles that have evolved over time into entirely new entities.

But at no time in history was this skill more important and more in danger than the present time. With the advent of the technological age, almost everyone has stopped writing the conventional way, or at least reduced actual pen to paper interaction by a huge margin.

Even those that do write physically on a regular basis don’t actually get any formal training to make sure it looks legible and graceful, which is where we come in.

Our experienced instructors have years of experience in writing with both speed and style, and this is what we offer to anyone who joins our classes.

We have exercises designed to make sure that you pick up the correct way of writing without straining yourself too much. These exercises are further customized to include variations between words in the original language and those that have been adapted to the language by younger generations to make it easier.

In addition, we also have separate workouts to make sure it doesn’t take you twice as long to write words the proper way as compared to the butchered renditions we generally use.

Between this specifically crafted curriculum and the joy of learning with friends, you will be writing with flair in no time at all. So do visit us and give us a chance to make your handwriting great again.

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