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Ravi Medicose is a medicine shop that sells all types of Herbal and Allopathic Medicines made by reputed manufacturers and sold at reasonable rates and discounts. They also are involved in a Health Card Program to offer rewards to regular customers. In addition, they offer Free Medicine Home Delivery to anyone who has a valid Doctors Prescription.

Ravi Medicose is one of the best medicine shops in the city today. They sell all types of medicines for all types of ailments, including both Ayurvedic and Allopathic Medicine.

All the medicines are sourced from reputed manufacturers that are known to offer only quality products created using high-quality ingredients.

These products are safe to use on men, women, and children and have been created specifically to suit the Indian physiology. This is done to ensure that patients don’t suffer from the negligence of the people involved.

This attention to detail is why our customers often return to our shop and become regulars. Those that gain this privilege are then rewarded by us for their continued patronage through our Health Cards.

These Health Cards are issued by us and carry specific benefits at all the hospitals and clinics that are part of our Rewards Program.

For example – Our partner hospitals offer a 50% Straight Discount on all OPD related expenditure. Furthermore, if you are compelled to get admitted to the hospital, you get a 15-20% Discount on the admission charge.

For the patients that are suffering from more severe conditions and require special care can also find the required medical equipment needed to handle that care.

These include various Ortho-related products, such as:-

  • Wheel Chairs
  • Ortho Belts
  • Adult Diapers

All of these are sold at reasonable rates to make sure our customers don’t spend too much, as we understand that healthcare is already very expensive in our country.

All of this that we do, is part of our philanthropic policy, which is an important part of how we do business. As part of this initiative, we have also made a habit of giving away medical equipment to needy patients. Such as:-

  • Free Sugar Check Machines to anyone who needs them, with only the Glucose Strips being paid.
  • Free Pedometers to the first 25 Women and Senior Citizens that visit our shop every month.
  • Free Home Medicine Delivery for patients with a valid Doctors Prescription.

We are also working towards organizing special medical camps, where people from all walks of life can come together and get their medical issues diagnosed for free.

So, even if you feel that you can’t afford the medication needed, you might just get it for a lot less than you might imagine. Just visit us and let us see how to make all of this possible.

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