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About The House Of Future Chefs

The House Of Future Chefs is a place dedicated to creating good food with great people. The whole experience is based on the philosophy that food gives pleasure to both the person making it as well as the one who gets to eat it.

Moreover, the skills needed to create good food are a reward in themselves, since by perfecting them we are able to gain a whole new outlet for our emotions.

We at THFC help you find this outlet by organising hands on classes where you can learn how to make all types of dishes from various cuisines across the world. These include but are not limited to Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines.

You also get the option to explore the dessert options available in these cuisines through our Bakery as well as Cake & Pastry Classes. All these classes are designed with special focus on the current cooking level of the student as well as the future level they are aiming at.

In order to make sure that the courses are at par with others offered in the city and abroad, the entire program has been developed by esteemed chef Amit Kataria.

Mr. Kataria is professional chef with over 10 years of experience, who has worked in both India and abroad to gather the necessary skills and techniques to make this program successful. Here’s a list of all the courses offered and dishes included in the courses so you can choose the best option for you.

Courses Offered

Indian Cuisine: When it comes to comfort food, there’s nothing better than reverting back to what you enjoyed as a kid. Being Indian, we are all familiar with the almost endless list of veg and non-veg dishes that we have the option to make and share with those that we love. This is the focus for our Indian Cuisine course, in which we teach you not only the correct method of making traditional dishes, but also the skills to experiment with the familiar taste while also making it something entirely new.

Italian Cuisine: While being quite different in terms of taste and texture, the Italian cuisine is still quite similar to our Indian culture, with their special focus on making hearty food with large portions so that you can break bread with all your loved ones. In addition, this cuisine is also the originator of a lot of dishes that almost everyone loves including but not limited to Pasta’s, Pizza’s, Spaghetti, Breads and Soups among others. Once you’re done with our course, you too will be able to make and enjoy all these dishes and more, while indulging in the decadence of everything cheesy and Italian.

Chinese Cuisine: The Chinese culture has a long and rich history while at the same time being quite sheltered from the rest of the world. This is the same for the way they make their food as most dishes are quite unique in their flavours and require specialised ingredients to make them taste great. However, at the same time, thanks to our long history of experimenting with other cuisines, we have also created a lot of fusion dishes that combine everything that good about both Indian and Chinese food. In our course, you will learn about all of this and more, so that you can enjoy the spicy secrets of everything oriental.

Bakery Class: Baking is a very specific art that requires exact measurements and timely execution to create the best dish possible. The margin of error is quite low however when done right the results are quite delicious and memorable. In our bakery class, we focus on teaching you how to follow these instructions properly while also experimenting with your creativity when it comes to designing and decorating cakes, cookies, pastries, breads, pies among others items that you can then bake at home and enjoy with your friends and family.

Cake & Pastry Class: A lot of people are confused by the need for a separate cake and pastry class when there is already an option for baking. However, cakes and pastries themselves have such a wide scope in all the flavours, designs and ingredients you can choose from that you can’t really explore all that while still worrying about other dishes to master. That’s why in this class, our sole focus is to showcase everything that can be done with these two items, and how people around the world interpret these items in their own style.

Services Available

Baking Classes
Cake Making / Decorating Classes
Chocolate Making Classes
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